Stop Travel Shaming

Good thoughts from a fellow traveller

The Guiri With Glasses

There’s shaming of all sorts now a days: fat shaming, skinny shaming, and slut shaming. One that I’ve seen recently is a sort of travel shaming. As the name suggests, it consists of shaming people who don’t travel. With articles like “Date a girl who travels” and sayings like “To travel is to live”, it gives the impression that somehow my decision to travel has made my life better than that of a woman who has never left her home state. It is simply not true.

To be clear, I am no better than the non-travelling person, nor are they better than me. It doesn’t even make me braver or more courageous than them. It makes me a person with different goals and desires in life. This doesn’t make me any less proud of my accomplishments of living, studying, and working abroad. It’s hard work and has required a lot of…

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