Livin’ la Vida Loca

So I’ve been hinting at a great happening that was to happen this weekend.

Well, folks, it happened.

Despite being sick nearly all week (and most of the weekend, blech) I managed to still do it.

This weekend, I experienced the craziest, fun-filled, celebrity meetin’ weekend of all time (except for that time I met Stan Lee… yeah, you can be totes jealous).

To start off with, I met possibly THE MOST recognizable face of the decade.

A lot of people say she’s cold, but I didn’t find her so at all:


u guys wont believ wot just happened!!!!!!! omg!!!

She was soooo gracious and sweet, even letting me take a selfie with her. #bestcelebrity #number1fan


So I found a life-size Elsa mannequin in Carrefour (Spanish version of Walmart/Sam’s Club). I had to do something with that.

Movin’ on.

The weekend event was as follows: I had the house to myself. My host parents had a work event, the kids were at a friends house, and everyone else had plans that took them away; That left me in a big house for an entire weekend with a ton of free time… and kitchen space….

…and I knew exactly what to do with it.

My gosh, you guys… the food.

I started off wanting to make lasagna… then I realized after I’d already begun THIS:

… that I had no cottage cheese or lasagna noodles.

So I switched my game up a bit. I found a Latin American food section (!!!) at Carrefour, and purchased two cans of red beans and black beans for…. TACO SOUP.

Only to realize when I got home that my host family buys cans with the pop-top lids for a reason…

There is no can opener in this house.

Well… shucks.

So what ended up happening was a two-dish split between….




Shepherd’s Pie!20150228_145437

Both were insanely delish.

But WAIT! There’s more.

What would a good girls-day-in be without dessert?? What is the world coming to.


As I sat there taking pictures of this beautiful sight, longingly wishing I could partake, but held back by many years of conditioning (dark glares and hand swats), I had an epiphany.

I’m an adult.

I’m home alone.

I can eat that cookie dough if I dern well please!!!


#idowhatiwant #loveyoumom

So I did.

The rest of the deliciously yummy cookie dough went into the oven.

It came out looking like this.


I may have gained ten pounds in one day, people.

However, as much time as I spent in the kitchen cooking food, glorious foooood…. there were a mountain of dishes and just STUFF to be cleaned up.

And there was nobody but me to do it.

mess in the kitchen

What have I done…

So, after many long and arduous hours of cleanup, I was finally done.

The counters were clean…

Dishes were all washed… some dried and put away.

And I was exhausted.

I decided to reward myself with a Pinterest recipe.

The ingredients were as follows:

20150228_150003The end result? Glorious.


This, dear travellers, is a Dirty Doctor Pepper.

1 oz Malibu or Bacardi Coconut Rum
1 12 oz can Dr. Pepper
1/2 lime
1 dash of cream or half and half

Regrettably, I only had the one Dr. Pepper, so I simply had straight Coke for the rest of the evening.

Along with my CHEESE POPCORN.


I’ve fallen under a mountain of cheesy goodness! HALP!

I also managed to Skype with various family members for a grand total of….

*drum roll*

Eight hours.

Yes, I was exhausted by the end of it. I could barely talk anymore.

But it was the perfect recharge I needed.

And now I feel ready to go forth back out into the wide world of Madrid and make some new adventures outside of the house!

Until next time, travellers!




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