Cathedral at Sunset

Greetings, Travellers!

I have been, in the words of my sister, sadly neglecting my blog.

To remedy this… I will blog.

Novel concept.

To start with, an update on what I’ve been doing:


I have become overrun with projects. Besides my normal au pairing duties, I have also begun tutoring a two and a five year old for two hours every day (note: I have to travel by train AND metro for almost two hours to get there… so a total of six hours…. every day), as well as keeping up with my ever-growing demand for freelance article writing.

I’ve been a busy bee.


OK. I’ll stop now.

Basically, this is my way of saying that I haven’t forgotten about my poor blog, but just that sleep has taken a greater precedence.


Seriously, done with the onomatopoeia.

But never fear!

I was treating myself to some downtime (in this case meaning “aimless wandering around the heart of Madrid”), and I ended up near Palacio Real near sunset.

However, I was not on the usual road. I found an interesting little side-street from the Opera metro station that gave me a birds eye view of the Palace and adjacent Cathedral at sunset. The result was nothing short of incredible:

cathedral at sunset

This was my favorite of the photos. Sans editing.

I realized, once again, how lucky I am to be having this experience. I’ve met amazing people, seen amazing things, and have already made so many memories. The past six weeks have been a blast, and I can’t wait to start delving even deeper in the my European adventure.



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