The Trip 2.0

Guys, I’ve had an epiphany.

After spending many a stressful hour penny-pinching, planning, adding, cutting, re-adding, and putting together The Trip since last we spoke of it, something happened.

I realized, much to my dismay, that I would have to cut out Edinburgh entirely, or I would be running around like a crazy person without a minute to spare between buses and trains.

The thought of cutting even one city out of The Trip was genuinely upsetting me, and I was becoming very much obsessed with “making it all fit” and “sticking to the plan”.

I also realized I was getting upset over a vacation. Excuse me, what? I thought that was supposed to be the opposite of the point of a vacation?

Then I started thinking about the whole endeavour. Why am I leaving the country?

I’m in Spain, yeah? There are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful places to see, things to do, people to meet… beaches to lay on for days on end. I don’t really have much time on a regular basis to do much sight-seeing beyond what I can do from Madrid on the weekends.

So I started thinking… why am I spending so much time and so much money hopping off to other countries? Wasn’t the entire idea of working in SpainĀ to be in Spain?

I mean, if I’d wanted to see Ireland, I would have moved to Ireland. Had I absolutely wanted to take in all of England, that’s where I’d be.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely would love to visit these places. But they are not the country I chose.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a new and improved Trip 2.0, which I’ve dubbed The Recreation (get it? It’s a play on words… I’m recreating The Trip which centers around Relaxation and Recreation… hahahahaha).

March 27th-April 1st: Barcelona, Spain
April 1st-April 5th: Zaragoza, Spain

Fly into Barcelona on Friday, March 27th; train to Zaragoza sometime on Wednesday, April 1st (it’s only an hour and a half trip that happens on the hour, so if I miss it, no big deal); train home on Sunday, April 5th. Again, it’s a very short, relaxed trip home and if I miss one, there are plenty more to catch every hour.

The Trip 2.0 more captures the essence of what I want out of a vacation. Ease of planning, plenty of relaxation, and no rushing around trying to do everything at once. I do enough of that during the week.

I dubbed it Trip 2.0 because I refuse to think of it as a downgrade. I believe, in actuality, that it will be an upgrade in quality of trip because I won’t be constantly worrying about money or catching my next bus.

So, Trippers (another play on words, see? Like troopers, but trippers… OK I’ll stop now…), hopefully my new “less is more” mantra will have the intended effect, and I’ll have the most badass first solo vacation ever.



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