Sunday Funday

So today is Sunday, and I’m supposed to have a cafe review all ready to go and publish.

I’m also supposed to be sleeping in after a night of partying and socializing in the city center with new friends.

I’m ALSO supposed to be getting ready for a date at this very moment.

As you have probably guessed, none of these plans came to fruition.


Because I am sick.

It was bound to happen. I work with kids, who go to school with kids, who bring kid-germies to the school place of my kids who bring them home to me.

It happens.

So, to commiserate my lack of social life/blog/date on this Sunday Funday, what am I doing instead?


That seemed like such a good idea in my head.

Yes, I am sitting here under my covers with my hot tea and Vitamin C pounding out press releases for technology and wedding vows for adorable little couples who didn’t get sick and have to cancel their first dates.

Charming, the life of a writer, no?

Anyway, all this to say – I’m sorry there’s no cafe review this week, because I didn’t get to go to the cafe in order to review it (that’s what the date was for, see? It’s all connected).

Here’s hoping I kick the bug and am in top-reviewing form by next weekend.



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