Eat, Love, and Learn Spanish

Yesterday, I went on my first ever walking tour in Madrid.

Let me just say, it was incredible.

First of all – my tour guide. Bea (Beatriz) was thoughtful, comprehensive, and very easy to talk to. She offers her tours in both English and Spanish as she is fluent in both languages.

The tour was called Eat, Love, and Learn Spanish – it is a 2.5 hour tour that costs 40€. It includes – a tailored Spanish lesson, 1 coffee, 1 tapas (tapa?) and drink, and a whole lot of notes, culture, cool secrets and royal gossip.

Bea offers three distinctly different tours; I’ve only done one (so far!), and I’ll give you some highlights (not the whole thing.. don’t want to spoil it for you!).


Filipe el tercero (Philip III)

This is a statue of King Filipe the… third? Yes, because Filipe the 4th is in Plaza Mayor. But more on that later.

Located at Palacio Real, this statue is the first in the world to have the horse standing on only two legs. A very famous mathematician and scientist worked on the design. Can you guess who?

From the Palace, we walked (and walked… and walked… be prepared) to various plazas, cathedrals, churches, and much much more.


One of the many beautiful iglesias (churches) we saw on the tour.

And, my favorite part… the motto of Madrid


Fui sobre agua edificado mis muros de fuego son

“I was built over water and my walls are of fire”

There is a rich history to be discovered in this city, and Bea knows how to show it to you. My brain actually hurt from all the information she shared, but it was well worth it.

But, what am I doing? Of course there’s more to the story.

I have no pictures, because that would spoil the surprise, but there is a Secret in Plaza Mayor: one of the 237 balconies facing the Plaza has something a little bit different about it. I didn’t spot it… can you?

We also went to an authentic, locals only joint that, to me, had a slightly Irish feel to it:


If they find out you speak the slightest bit of Spanish, the locals will chat you up. I wasn’t quite ready, but it was a lot of fun!

And to top it all off, a final rest in a bar… el Lacon; here, I delved into this delectable treat:


que aproveche! bon apetit!

Warm, flavorful, the perfect portion… it was a nice finish to a very long trek in the bitter cold (it was snowing the entire tour, though but lightly… regrettably it didn’t show up in any of my photos). Bonus: with the purchase of the drinks (a mere 2.6€ total, the treats were complimentary!

To recap: 2.5 hour tour, Spanish lesson, coffee, 1 drink and tapas, many handouts and suggestions for exploring on your own… all for a mere 40€. It sounds like a lot, but it’s completely worth it. Bea is knowledgeable, friendly, and will share with you the secrets of Madrid.


The lady behind the curtain, Bea, on the right

Final judgement – 5 out of 5 stars.



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