Puede Ayudar Mas

You can help more! Here are some new opportunities for volunteering that were recently posted (or I only recently discovered):

English Teaching Program – ENGLISH – Fridays from 6-7 (18:00-19:00); minimum of one day a month. Posted by Serve the City Madrid, this project is geared toward smaller children, so it should be a lot of fun! There should be lots of room for creativity as well in your planning/execution of games and activities.

CLEVI – SPANISH – the acronym translates roughly into a club for “training for an independent life”. Basically, it is a training and integration program for people with special needs. There are various times and ways to volunteer, click the link for the website, or email them at: coordinacionclevi@gmail.com

RAIS – SPANISH – this group offers several different ways for our Madrid expats to volunteer. Internations Madrid Volunteer Group is also working with them, so please check them out for more info as well.

Asociacion Haz Algo Mas – SPANISH – this opportunity focuses on students with high-risk of school failure. The school associated with this program hosts a large number of immigrant children and provides educational support. One afternoon a week. Email for more info: fjlopez@hazalgomas.org

Cruz Rosa Española – SPANISH – a more specific opportunity with the Spanish Red Cross – teaching Yoga/Pilates/Etc to women in situations of “social vulnerability”. It’s one class a week (during the morning), from 4-16 hours per month. They are looking for a high energy, optimistic person, so be prepared to bring your A- Game!

There you are. Five more ways to help. If any of these speak to you, please sign up. If not, keep an eye out: there will be more next week.



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