Smoothie Recipe

It’s Monday, folks. Back to work/school/training/building a better mousetrap/whatever it is that keeps you busy during the week.

In light of the seriousness of the day, I’ve decided Mondays will be for light fare on the bloggity*. Last week it was pickup lines, this week: smoothies!

Yesterday I realized, much to my horror, that I had quite a few red grapes about to reach the point of expiry.

Whatever do you do with fruit that is about to be overripe? Make a smoothie, of course!

I rummaged around in my host family’s kitchen until I found the blender, and set to work. What I ended up with was nothing short of sublime,

For your repeating pleasure:

1 cup red grapes (halved and de-seeded)
1 banana (peeled… but, duh)
6 oz plain yogurt (or a small container)
4 tsp sugar
1/2 cup milk

I put the blender on the lowest setting and let it go for a few minutes whilst I halved and de-seeded my remaining grapes for later use (freezer, breakfast, more smoothies… what have you).

It makes two regular sized servings, or one really large serving. The yogurt gives it protein and texture, while the fruit gives it a nice flavor.

You can add more sugar if you like, or dispense with it altogether. Entirely up to you.


*Possible alternative reason: I’m lazy.


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