Cafe Review – J&J’s Books and Coffee

The title says it all, really. If I try to list the good qualities of this place, it may sounds similar to a Marvel fangirl trying to explain the Loki obsession.

But I’ll give it a go:

Located at Calle del Espíritu Santo, 47, J&J’s Books and Coffee is located neatly in the Madrid City Center. It is literally a minute’s walk from the Metro Stop Noviciado (which runs directly to and from the Opera stop, also really handy if you’re out doing touristy things like the Palace… but who would want to see that old thing…)

This place is a goldmine for three reasons: books, coffee, and booze.

Wait… what?


Yep… this little beauty is also a bar.

You heard me. This place has a full bar, serving mimosas for one euro with their bagel breakfast (there is a pizza flavor… this is my poison), bloody Mary’s, and a full range of the best cocktails ever.

Plus coffee.

Let me explain: last year I spent six months in South Korea, land of the midnight latte. Literally ever streetcorner had a chain coffee shop (Starbucks, Cafe Bene, Hans & Bean) or an independent boutique. Koreans tend to prefer Americanos*, but the options don’t stop there: caramel macchiato, chocolate chip mint latte, white chocolate mocha, caramel mocha, and OH MY GOD WHIPPED CREAM EVERYWHERE.


Spain is not so.

Don’t get me wrong, Spaniards love their coffee. But… they love their coffee… with milk. Cafe con leche. That is basically what you will find in Spain. Aside from the occasional Starbucks (a strictly expat hangout), if you’re craving a coffee, you will get a very small, extremely strong cuppa cafe con leche.

Thank God for J&J.

And I haven’t even gotten to the books….


Yeh. This is the basement. A basement of books. A book basement, if you will.

I spent three hours in this book basement with my computer (Wifi. Did I mention Wifi? Free, stream-the-next-episode-of-the-Librarians good WiFi?), a book (Ocean at the End of the Lane – do not read after dark… or anywhere near dark) and a couch (I almost stayed the night. But they wouldn’t let me).

It’s a secondhand book shop, coffee shop, and bar. The people are nice, the wares are cheap and high quality, and the atmosphere is fantastic. I want to live here. (Like I said… fangirl)

So there you have it. A great niche place located in a great spot with great food, coffee, and cocktails (and Wifi!). Who could ask for more?

Final judgment – 6 out of 5 stars. What can I say? It’s the new Loki.


*I understand this statement is a generalization and PARDON THE HECK OUT OF ME if it’s wrong. It’s based purely on observation and the word of other expats. So there.


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