The Trip

Dear readers, I have an important announcement.

I have decided where I will go for The Trip (my first big solo European skirmish – nine days of unsupervised bliss).

The three winning cities are (and in this order): Dublin, Edinburgh, and London.

The Trip begins on March 27th and ends on April 5th. I’m not sure how much awesome I can contain in that short amount of time, but I’m guessing it’s a lot.

I have never been to any of these cities. Perhaps I never will again. I aim to act like it, most definitely!

So, my question to you is: what are the must-sees of these cities? What do I absolutely have to do (besides eat haggis… that ain’t happenin’)?

Also: remember, I’m on a budget, so it can’t be “stay at Buckingham Palace and have tea with the Queen” (though I’d be okay with a photobombed selfie).

Technical Trip Stuff: Here’s my proposed itinerary.

March 27th: fly to Dublin
March 31st: fly to Edinburgh
April 2nd: fly to London
April 5th: cry uncontrollably as this metal torture device takes me back home

Dublin Day 1: Trinity College, Temple Bar, Guinness Store House, Spire Dublin, St. Mary’s Abbey, James Joyce (!!!) Center, Leinster House
Dublin Day 2: Old Library Dublin, National Museum of Ireland, Hugh Lane Gallery, Cake Cafe Dublin (do not judge me), Dublin Castle, Silk Road Cafe, National Leprechaun Museum (this is a thing??).
Dublin Day 3: This may be kind of a cheat, but I really want to visit Cork (aka the Rebel County) whilst in Ireland. I’m not sure if budget or time allows it, but I’m including this in my Dublin Itinerary

Edinburgh Day 1: Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh Castle/Royal Mile, Greyfriars Cemetery (I don’t normally visit cemeteries, but this one is haunted… I can’t not), Greyfriars Bobby Bar
Edinburgh Day 2: Scottish Parliament, Scott Monument, St. Giles Cathedral, The Stand (some of the greatest comedy on earth. I’ll need it after the haunted cemetery O.o)

Sadly, I had to choose one city to only receive two full days. Edinburgh, I love you.

London Day 1-3: I have only two concrete plans for London: see Wicked performed at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, and buy a London Pass. This is a 100 euro/three day pass that could potentially save me just as much as it cost, and it covers dozens of the most popular London attractions; plus I can add on a Travel Pass for ease of public transit 😉

So there you have it, folks. The first rough draft of The Trip’s itinerary. It’s very scattered at this point, and pretty much the only thing that is solid is the travel dates. I’ll be going into very much detail later, mapping out public transit and locations of attractions, modifying the order of sightseeing, adding things, etc. All the usual crazy stuff.

I’m seriously giddy right now.

Only 56 days to go!


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