Puede Ayudar – You Can Help

Based on the popularity of my last post, I decided to do some more digging into exactly how to help with the situation in Madrid. Turns out, there are literally hundreds of places that need your help, some of them specific to English speakers. Here are a few of them (links are the organization names) :

Amigos de los Mayores – SPANISH – “friends of the elderly” is an organization designed as an outreach/assistance program for the elderly residents of Madrid. The link is directly to the volunteer form, but feel free to peruse the website before signing up šŸ˜‰

A.S.PĀ – SPANISH- Ā Protestant Social Action is a church-based organization that reaches out to the community in various projects and situations. The contact email is listed on the linked page.

Colegio Carlos V – ENGLISH – this school looks for English speakers to help with after-school programs for their students – things like dance, martial arts, fine arts, etc. Basically, you’d be an English assistant to the coach, there to provide instruction and such in English.

Cruza Roja EspaƱola – SPANISH – The Spanish Red Cross. You must be over 16 years old, and if I’m correct, there will be a volunteer interview.

St. Louis University Community ESL – ENGLISH – This volunteer opportunity is strictly for those fluent in English. The purpose of this program is a free ESL lesson for community members who wish to improve their English. At present, I’m not certain if it is limited to St. Louis U students.

There are many, many more opportunities to volunteer, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many at once. If something here speaks to you, go ahead and give it a click. If not, keep an eye out for the next edition of Puede Ayudar. I’ll try to get a wide variety of opportunities for everyone.



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