Cafe Review – Cafe de la Luz

Howdy, folks! It’s Sunday. You know what that means?

Cafe review!

This week’s cafe of choice is the Cafe de la Luz, located at Calle Puebla, 8, 28004 Madrid, Spain.


Easy to miss – so watch out!

Conveniently located a mere eight minute walk from La Puerta del Sol (literally “the door of the sun”, one of the more touristy areas in Madrid), and even less than that from the Plaza del Coalla (with corresponding Metro stop), Cafe de la Luz ranks high on the convenience score.

Service here is great, as well, as the staff is very friendly and some of them are fluent in English (those who aren’t will speak slowly and without condescension in order for you to understand what’s going on – they’re also okay with the point and order method as well).

The menu: lots of sandwiches, though there’s also quiche and salads and toasts. It’s fairly economically priced considering its location and the type of food it serves (a Mediterranean croissant costs 6€ – seems high, but it’s not, especially in the more tourist-centic areas of the city).

Very small, but plenty of cozy tables

Very small, but plenty of cozy tables


The atmosphere is just great. It’s a little on the girly side, leaning toward an almost Dolores Umbridge motif… but not quite. It is not uncommon to see groups of men hanging and having a beer.

Overall, it’s a really great place to chill, have a coffee (the cafe de la Luz is a nice, spicy Mocha – or as close as you can get in Spain), and relax. They have Wifi at no extra cost as long as you at least purchase a drink.


Final judgment – 4 out of 5 stars (brought down only by the average food cost rating).


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