I discovered when I arrived here that Spain is currently in the midst of their high shopping season (as I like to call it… the season of anarchy). That means everything is on sale. Everything.

We’re going into the coldest part of the year, and cozy winter coats can be bought for a mere 20 euros if you know where to shop. Higher end boutiques also offer up to 50% off, making insanely expensive coats within the grasp of mere mortals of the money making world.

It also means that things are extremely messy in even the cutest of boutique stores:


After a long day of being passed over for their more stylish counterparts, the clearance shoes gave up and sank to the floor in defeat and exhaustion.

It is a strangely exhilarating experience to shop during this sale, even with my two modest purchases (two hats… one for 5 euros and the other for 3).

I’m new to Madrid, so perhaps the vivacity of the region is inherent, regardless of the season. Nevertheless, it is an experience I quite recommend, especially if you need anything wintry during your European tour (and if you’re here during this time of year… you most certainly will!)


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